Medacs Healthcare

Following a successful pitch we were commissioned by Medacs Healthcare to develop and execute a brand refresh, producing a number of pieces of internal and external collateral. It was felt necessary to strengthen the brand's overall visual language, develop consistency within the brand and convey the professional, efficient, friendly approach complimenting the company's work ethic 

The identity features the use of lozenge elements inspired by the use at the base of the existing Medacs logotype. These elements are utilised to add texture and dynamise the communication of Medacs Healthcare's printed and digital collateral adding to the brand value.

These components strengthen the brands identity and are designed to convey movement, of which is the core physical trait of Medacs Healthcare's service to the healthcare recruitment industry, moving candidates from a to b. The lozenge elements also carry connotations of DNA result marks, underlining Medacs working in the healthcare sector.


A photo library was also commissioned and directed in order for Medacs Healthcare to have their own bespoke imagery to use. Photography, a key element to the brand, displays professionals in roles that candidates may see themselves in. This gives a sense of honesty, professionalism and directness to candidates regarding posts. Photography is clean, strong and steers away from false, generic stock photography that can harm a brands integrity. Colours in the make up of photography compliment the brands colour palette and again add to strengthen the identity.