Twenty Objects publication


We have designed and created a publication for the Fishmongers' Company displaying their history from the year 1272 to current day in twenty objects.

The Fishmongers' Company — One of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London — commissioned us to record its treasures of objects and works of art in this 48 page booklet. They state 'A Livery Company with a history and tradition as ancient and interesting as the Fishmongers' should have a record of its treasures accessible to the general public.' This informative booklet shows a summarised history of the Company which spans over seven centuries.


Series of case-study booklets commissioned

Zachary Pulman studio is an award winning interior designers, specialising in producing sublime interiors for residential, hospitality and retail premises.

Re-shape Invent have been commissioned to produce a series of case-study booklets that will reflect the three areas of discipline. They are to be designed with an edge and inventive use of materials so as to compliment the works of this interior design outfit.

Fishmongers' Company

We have just been commissioned to design for the Fishmongers' Livery of London. The Fishmongers’ Company is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and among the most ancient of the City Guilds. For over 700 years, as well as fostering the fellowship among its members, the Fishmongers' company have upheld standards in this industry. We are very excited to be working with an organisation that has great heritage and history within London.

Madrid based fine wig atelier brand identity

We are currently producing a brand identity for Madrid based fine wig producers 'Atelier Moreno'. Following a soft launch, we are producing a full graphic identity launch for Atelier Moreno which will be unveiled during the summer of this year.

We are set to produce a number of bespoke items such as; showreel video visualising the craft and heritage of the atelier as well as a library of photos for the company which will include product images and an insight into production of the hand-made wigs and hair-pieces.